Craft, Connect, Convert: The Author's Guide to Engagement Email Campaigns - Workshop

Craft, Connect, Convert: The Author's Guide to Engagement Email Campaigns - Workshop

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Turn Readers Into Loyal Fans With
Craft, Connect, Convert:
The Author's Guide to Engagement Email Campaigns

Connect (And Convert) Your Readers, One Email At A Time!
Your words have power! Let us show you how to channel them effectively in your emails.

This Workshop Will Teach You How To:

  • Craft magnetic lead magnets that readers can't resist
  • Write a welcome sequence that makes every new subscriber feel special
  • Create newsletters that become the highlight of your reader's day.
  • Never run out of things to write about!

Exclusive Workshop Bonuses:

  • Ready-to-go Welcome Sequence Template so that you can instantly engage new subscribers, making them feel valued and increasing the likelihood they'll stick around
  • Engaging prompts for both ChatGPT and Bard (Google AI) so that you always have a stream of compelling content ideas, ensuring your emails remain fresh, relevant, and intriguing for your audience (in a fraction of the time it normally takes)
  • Hands-on Tech Tutorials for MailerLite and ConvertKit so you can effortlessly set up and optimize your email campaigns, removing any technical barriers that stand in your way
  • Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for writing engaging emails, quickly!

Don’t Just Be An Author. Be Their Favorite Author.
Let's redefine your email strategy, making every send count.
Let's turn those subscribers into dedicated fans.

Get ready for readers who don’t just open your emails, but they read, appreciate, and respond to them!

This workshop is your path to that reality.

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