Book Profits Accelerator LIVE!

Book Profits Accelerator LIVE!

Get the blueprint to generate a sustainable 6-figure income from your book.

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On this dashboard you’ll have virtual access to the live training sessions, our help desk, additional resources and downloads and more.

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Attendee Guidelines:

Stay on Schedule - This is not a regular virtual event this is a live, potentially life changing, virtual experience that is designed as a journey throughout the 3 days. Be sure to block off time on your calendar and join us, on time, for all the sessions during all three days. If you miss a segment you may not get the full benefit from your participation. The event is designed to be immersive and interactive. YOU are an important part of the experience and we invite you to be fully present and ready to participate.

Be Present and REALLY listen (This is no time to show off your multitasking skills.)

  • Get a babysitter for the kids
  • Make arrangements to have the pets taken care of
  • Shut off your phone and all other electronic gizmos
  • Have water and snacks available 
  • Try to minimize all distractions as much as possible
  • Put your feet on the ground, sit up and pay attention because this is information that could make a huge difference in your writing career

Keep it Clean - This goes for your personal event space (Less clutter = More clarity) as well as your body! Eating healthy and getting plenty of rest between Book Profit Accelerator LIVE! sessions will allow you to be the best YOU each day and absorb as much high level book 

Make Room for a New Paradigm - Don't just open your mind during the speaker sessions. Make sure you engage and participate during the breakout sessions and hot seat discussions. Be ready to connect with the other attendees.

We look forward to spending three amazing days with you and helping guide you on a hero’s journey to the next level in your writing career…

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